Red clay


combined with cobalt, lavender, rosemary, marjoram, ylang-ylang and corn germ oil, promotes blood circulation. Suitable for normal skin.
A healthy glow guaranteed. Intended for sensitive or irritated skin, red clay restores radiance to the face while purifying the epidermis. It is also useful for the hair.

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Red clay
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More about Red Clay

Skin prone to redness - Couperose

Choosing red clay means following in Cleopatra's footsteps. Indeed, the Egyptian queen is said to have used it for her skin care balms. Composed ofilliteIt is particularly rich in iron oxide and trace elements, making it the "healthy glow" clay par excellence. Red clay also has the property ofimprove blood microcirculation.

Its benefits

Cleansingpurifying and invigoratingRed clay is used on the skin as on the hair. It will in any case eliminate impurities and restore radiance.

Benefits of red clay for the skin

For use in mask once a week or in poulticeRed clay restores radiance to all skin types, but it is particularly recommended for normal, sensitive and redness-prone skin or couperose. A bath clay will also purify, remineralise and soften the skin: dilute a sachet (200 g) in your bath water and relax in it for about twenty minutes, then rinse.

Benefits of red clay for hair

On the hair, red clay absorbs excess sebumremoves impurities and purifies the scalp. The colour is intended for brown and red hairIt will make your hair more supple and shiny, while adding volume. The red clay is then used in hair masksimply diluted in a little mineral water

Three recipes for homemade masks with red clay

Radiance mask with red clay

For a revived complexion:

Mix 1 tablespoon of red clay with 3 drops ofjojoba oil (orargan) and mineral water until a homogeneous paste is obtained. Another possible recipe is made with 2 tablespoons of red clay and 1 ofgeranium bourbon hydrosol. Apply to face and leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Red clay hair mask

For dry hair:

Dilute 4 teaspoons of red clay in a little spring water, then add 2 drops ofpeppermint essential oil2 others fromYlang-Ylang essential oil and another 2 ofrosemary essential oil. Apply directly to the scalp, massaging lightly, and leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Revitalizing mask

For sensitive skin:

Prepare a homogeneous paste with 30 g red clay3 tablespoons ofrose water1 teaspoon of jojoba powder, 2 drops ofrose essential oil2 others fromchamomile essential oil and a little mineral water. Apply to the face and leave on for about 15 minutes. Spray on a little water or floral water if the clay dries out too much.

Risks, precautions and contraindications of red clay

Externally, red clay has no particular contraindications. Simply avoid using plastic, iron or oxidizable metal utensils for your preparations.

Storage method

Red clay should be stored in its original packaging, if possible, protected from air, light and moisture. Close the package tightly after use. There is, however, no expiry date.

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