About us

Our brand

SAVANATURE is the brand of a French company based in La Plaine Saint Denis. We specialise in organic Phyto cosmetics and food supplements. Our involvement in this sector is rooted in a great family passion for medicinal plants and natural remedies for hair loss, dandruff, acne and many other ailments of the human body. Several members of the family have been cultivating this passion for herbal medicine and cosmetics for over a century. Always in search of natural remedies for beauty and well-being.

The idea of creating the company came to me in 2006 but it was not until 2015 that the SAVANATURE brand was born with a self-employed structure. It was recently taken over by the company S.A.S U Sika Distributions et Services: importer and distributor of our wide range of products.

Today, the quality and authenticity of "SAVANATURE" products have established its reputation alongside the major brands on the market and it is more appreciated than ever by consumers.


Our products

Our products are ecologically responsible and of diverse origin: from Africa, Europe and South America.

Conventional or certified Organic AB, Ecocert, Cosmebio, Green life products: Oily macerates, vegetable oils, shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, various powdered clays, plant roots, herbal powders and oilseeds.

Packaging is done in semi-bulk bulk, jars, vials, bottles and customised.


There are nutritious and healing plants, for digestion, nervous system, immune system, respiratory, urinary, muscular, skeletal, digestive, heart, body regulation, toxin removal, skin soothing, hair care, and body beauty.

Phytocosmetics offers natural remedies that are well accepted by the body. Nowadays, it is experiencing an exceptional revival in the West.

Our clients

Our customers are small and large general food stores, industries, pharmacies, ethnopharmacology specialists, cosmetics shops, private or professional manufacturers of home cosmetics. And so on.