Laurel leaf powder

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Powdered bay leaves not only give dishes a very pleasant aroma, but they also have an aperitif virtue and many other health benefits. Its leaves, once dried, can be used to prepare a tea for digestion. For hair care, use one litre of fresh water mixed with a teaspoon of bay leaf powder.

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Scientific name : Laurus nobilis

Common names : laurel, laurel-sauce, Apollo's laurel

English names : baybay laurel

Botanical classification : Lauraceae family (Lauraceae)

Forms and preparations : lotions, creams, decoctions, infusions, essential oils

Internal use: Promotes digestion and reduces flatulence; calms urinary and dental infections; offers antiseptic and bactericidal properties; soothes sore throats; helps to treat flu-like conditions (coughs, bronchitis, blocked sinuses, etc.)

External use: Laurel calms rheumatism and joint pain. Used in decoction and lotion, it is used in hair and skin care.

Treats flatulence or difficult digestion and regulates bile secretion; soothes flu, bronchitis and respiratory tract diseases; calms rheumatism, joint pain and dental infections.

Botanical description of the laurel: The laurel belongs to the Lauraceae family and is very common in the Mediterranean region. It is a shrub that is not so modest in size, as it can easily reach a height of 10 m and a width of several metres. The laurel has leaves, which are lanceolate in shape, yellow, sometimes almost white flowers and small berries. The leaves and berries of the bay tree are used in herbal medicine.

As an infusion, macerate about 15 g of bay leaves in 1 l of water. Drink 2 to 3 cups a day, after meals.

In decoction, triple the dose of laurel, keeping the same amount of water.

For hair and skin care, use fresh water mixed with a handful of semi-ground leaves. A few berries can be added.

Laurel, if overdosed, can have vomiting effects.

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